rupert was racist as fuck

Pong Ping – A pekinese from China who owns an elevator that can travel underground all the way to China. He has a wealth of knowledge of his culture including dragons and various magical objects. He’s also good at math.

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We need to talk (need to talk)
Step into my office, baby
I want to give you the job
A chance of overtime
Say, my place at nine?

Having to watch the matrix movies repeatedly for my essay is just making me hate them. Two summers ago I concluded that the second one was arguably better than the first. I’m not too proud to admit how horribly, horribly wrong I was the first film is the only one worth watching, second has a few moments, the third never happened.

Also all the scenes inside the matrix in the first film had their colours adjusted to match the rest of the films, it’s small but it bugs the fuck out of me.

I thought the philosophers commentary on the matrix would help my paper, instead they’re just talking about jefferson airplane

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you going?
I know right? Otherwise there’s like nobody

debating going to comic expo

but who do I even give a shit about seeing there?

my list is basically five people who i’m indifferent about.

except maybe Cam Clarke, I’d totally see him

"Not so young anymore, eh Snake? You’re drowning in time, brother, I know what it’s like."

fuuuuck reading liquid quotes is making me want to at least see him